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Lightweight templating in 150 bytes
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templite Build Status

Lightweight templating in 154 bytes

Allows you to denote dynamic portions of a string using double curly brackets ({{ example }}) & then replace them with matching values from your data source.

You may attach an Object or an Array as your data source, which means you may use the object's keys or the array's indices to assign values.

Lastly, you may use dot-notated paths to access (deeply) nested values; eg:, 0.0.0, or


$ npm install --save templite


const templite = require('templite');

templite('Hello, {{name}}!', { name: 'world' });
//=> Hello, world!

templite('Howdy, {{0}}! {{1}}', ['partner', '🤠']);
//=> Howdy, partner! 🤠

templite('foo: "{{foo}}"; bar: "{{bar}}";', { foo: 123 });
//=> foo: "123"; bar: "";

  Name: {{name.last}}, {{name.first}}
  Location: {{}} ({{}})
  Hobbies: {{hobbies.0}}, {{hobbies.1}}, {{hobbies.2}}
`, {
  name: {
    first: 'Luke',
    last: 'Edwards'
  address: {
    city: 'Los Angeles',
    country: 'USA'
  hobbies: ['eat', 'sleep', 'repeat']
//=> Name: Edwards, Luke
//=> Location: Los Angeles (USA)
//=> Hobbies: eat, sleep, repeat


templite(input, values)


Type: String

The string template to operate upon.

Its dynamic placeholders are signified with double curly brackets ({{foo}} or {{ foo }}) and may map to key names or indices. They may also reference deeply nested values via dot-notation (

Unknown keys/indices and null or undefined values are replaced with an empty string ('').


Type: Array or Object

The data source for your template injections.


MIT © Luke Edwards

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