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Editor is a web based template editor for craft CMS
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Template Editor for Craft CMS (Alpha)

Editor is a web based template editor for craft CMS.

Download here on the releases page. Only download the repo if you are a developer and know how to use composer.

Please use this at your own risk, is it works at file system level, I cannot guarentee that you will not lose template files. Please backup your templates before use.

I reserve the right to release this a paid plugin when the features and quality improve.



  • Uses the very powerful ACE editor.
  • Remembers the file tree of your templates and where you last expanded the tree to.
  • Binding of Command+S to save the file.
  • Atomic file replacement when saving.
  • Twig tag to link directly from you front end website to the editor
  • Twig syntax highlighting!


After installation you can simply place this in your twig templates:

{% if user and user.admin %}
<a href="{{ craft.editor.templateLink(_self) }}">Edit this Template</a>
{% endif %}

You need to place the above in the actual files you wish to have a link to. If you only place the above link in the layout you will only get a link to your layout.

Coming Soon

  • Template versioning.
  • Push template to production site
  • Tabbed editor


Place editor folder found here within the plugins/ folder to your craft/plugins folder.


Copyright 2013 Luke Holder

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