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Nice Things

Nice Things is a project by Luke Jones to get lots and lots of Nice Things in one place. No adverts, clutter or text. Just lots and lots of inspiration.

Basic installation

Installation is really easy. You don't need a database, just a hosting account. Once you've unzipped the files and placed it in the directory, you need to create the following directories:

  • cache
  • things

Make sure each of those directories has it's CHMOD set to 777 recursively. All you have to do now is stick some images in the things directory and they'll be cropped, cached and will appear when viewing the index.php file.

Within the index.php you can modify the directory used for your things and the size of the image crops on the front end.

Keep in mind that Nice Things also uses TypeKit for the small amount of text on the site and view.js by @rogie so you need to provide your own alternatives for these.

Future features

For obvious reasons, I can't guarantee a timeframe for different features of Nice Things, but I've got a list of features I have in mind for future releases:

  • Switch to Data URIs for each thing to reduce page bandwidth
  • Make the site responsive
  • URL for each popped-up image so the URL is alwaes copy-and-paste friendly
  • User submissions

These people are brilliant

I've been extremely lucky to have the help of some talented individuals on this project and I'm really grateful. So thank you to everyone who has helped, is helping and is going to help me make this better and better:


I've used a few scripts to make Nice Things, these are:


I don't know anything about licensing, so I'll just write it how I would say it in real-life: you can do whatever the hell you want with this source code. Feel free to sell it, distribute it, modify it or copy it.

Note: This license doesn't include createThumb.php or any other scripts I've used or will use in this project.

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