An example Metalsmith site built from Day One data.
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An example Metalsmith site built from Day One data.

Codeship Status for lukekarrys/metalsmith-dayone-example js-standard-style


You can check out the deployed version or the built source in the gh-pages branch.


  • Paginated entries pages
  • Paginated entries by tag pages
  • Tags list page
  • Custom domain
  • Deploy to GitHub pages
  • pug template layouts


This is mostly a collection of Metalsmith plugins that produces a site with all the features I'd want to publish a Day One journal as a blog. I tried to comment everything that's going on in the index.js file, so it'd be at least semi-understandable.

This is just an example, so there's no way to use it directly in your Metalsmith site, but all the Day One data parsing is in the plugin metalsmith-dayone if you wanted to do your own thing with the data.

Use your own data

It is possible to have this example use your own Day One data, if you wanted to see how that would look:

# Export your own Day One data as JSON to
git clone
cd metalsmith-dayone-example
npm install
npm run build -- --data 
npm run preview