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This solution required .NET 4.5 to allow testing with EntityFramework 5.0 beta

If you dont want to install 4.5 you can test without EF5 by manually modifying the project files to use .NET 4. 

Im really keen on feeback on this solution, if anyone has a faster version of any of these tests fork the repository 
and add your changes and i will merge them back into the trunk. Im especially keen of feedback around the performance
of the non-EF examples as these are the ones I have the least experience with.

In addition any extra ORMs would be great to have as performance tests. I am currently working on a NHibernate version
but I've made it really easy to add new test cases and techs to test. Just implement a few interfaces and modify the 
database provided by the connection string with the requested changes.

NOTE you will also need to add your new test to the bindings in the console app.

Licensed for usage under LGPL,
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