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FluentEmail - All in one email sender for .NET and .NET Core

Send email from .NET or .NET Core. A bunch of useful extension packages make this dead simple and very powerful.


FluentEmail.Core - Just the domain model. Includes very basic defaults, but is also included with every other package here.

FluentEmail.Smtp - Now we're talking. Send emails via SMTP.

FluentEmail.Razor - Generate emails using Razor templates. Anything you can do in ASP.NET is possible here. Uses the RazorLight project under the hood.

FluentEmail.Mailgun - Send emails via MailGun's REST API.

FluentEmail.SendGrid - Send email via the SendGrid API.

Basic Usage

var email = Email
    	.To("", "bob")
    	.Subject("hows it going bob")
    	.Body("yo dawg, sup?")

Dependency Injection You can configure FluentEmail in startup.cs with these helper methods. This will by default inject IFluentEmail (send a single email) and IFluentEmailFactory (used to send multiple emails in a single context) with the ISender and ITemplateRenderer configured using AddRazorRenderer(), AddSmtpSender() or other packages.

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
		.AddSmtpSender("localhost", 25);

Using a template

// Using Razor templating package (or set using AddRazorRenderer in services)
Email.DefaultRenderer = new RazorRenderer();

var template = "Dear @Model.Name, You are totally @Model.Compliment.";

var email = Email
    .Subject("woo nuget")
    .UsingTemplate(template, new { Name = "Luke", Compliment = "Awesome" });

Sending Emails

// Using Smtp Sender package (or set using AddSmtpSender in services)
Email.DefaultSender = new SmtpSender();

//send normally

//send asynchronously
await email.SendAsync();

Template File from Disk

var email = Email
    .Subject("woo nuget")
	.UsingTemplateFromFile($"{Directory.GetCurrentDirectory()}/Mytemplate.cshtml", new { Name = "Rad Dude" });

Embedded Template File

Note for .NET Core 2 users: You'll need to add the following line to the project containing any embedded razor views. See this issue for more details.

var email = new Email("")
	.Subject("Hey cool name!")
		new { Name = "Bob" }, 

More Info

Sending email in .NET Core with FluentEmail

Development and Beta Packages

If you need a pre-release version, you can add the MyGet feed to your nuget package sources.