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How to install with composer.

    "require": {
        "lukesnowden/google-shopping-feed": "dev-master"


Example of Google feed generation.

use LukeSnowden\GoogleShoppingFeed\Containers\GoogleShopping;

GoogleShopping::title('Test Feed');
GoogleShopping::description('Our Google Shopping Feed');

foreach( $products as $product ) {

	$item = GoogleShopping::createItem();

	/** create a variant */
	$variant = $item->variant();

	 * One thing to note, if creating variants, delete the initial object after you've done,
	 * Google no longer needs it!
	 * $item->delete();


// boolean value indicates output to browser

Category Taxonomies

Returns a list of the categories. The list is updated daily from Googles Documentation

$lang = 'gb';
$googleCategories = GoogleShopping::categories($lang);

$lang can be one of these Google supported languages: au, br, cn, cz, de, dk, es, fr, gb, it, jp, nl, no, pl, ru, sw, tr, us.