A high-performance stats collection service that feeds into Graphite and aimed at small- to large-scale windows environments.
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A high-performance stats collection service based on etsy's statsd service and written in c#.net.

Key Features

  • Enables multiple latency buckets for the same metric to measure things like p90/5min and p90/1hour in one go
  • Can receive stats over UDP, TCP and HTTP.
  • Compatible with etsy's statds protocol for sending counts, timings, latencies and sets
  • Supports librato.com as a backend
  • Supports writing out to another statsd.net instance for relay configurations

Download statsd.net

The latest version is v1.4.1.0 (23-Apr-14), and can be downloaded on the releases page.

Project Status

Statsd.net is actively being used in a high-volume multi-site production environment.

Installation, Guidance, Configuration and Reference Information

Coming Soon

  • App Fabric and memcached support to allow horizontal scaling, with load balancing and storage
  • More backends
  • Web-based management console with a RESTful API
  • Histogram stats
  • Calendargram stats - easily count unique values according to calendar buckets

About the Codebase



Thanks to these guys for adding features to statsd.net!


MIT Licence.