PHP class to create an animated GIF from multiple images
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NOTE: This is a fork of Clément Guillemain's nice GifCreator class, with some API changes (class rename, new & updated methods, more flexible (and robust) parameter handling etc.), better error handling, several small corrections, code cosmetics & other improvements scattered all across.


AnimGif is a PHP class to create animated GIFs -- just list the source images (in various forms), and that's it!


1. Inputs:

// Use an array containing file paths, resource vars (initialized with imagecreatefromXXX), 
// image URLs or binary image data.
$frames = array(
    imagecreatefrompng("/../images/pic1.png"),      // resource var
    "/../images/pic2.png",                          // image file path
    file_get_contents("/../images/pic3.jpg"),       // image binary data
    "", // URL

// Or: load images from a dir (sorted, skipping .files):
//$frames = "../images";

// Optionally: set different durations (in 1/100s units) for each frame
$durations = array(20, 30, 10, 10);

// Or: you can leave off repeated values from the end:
//$durations = array(20, 30, 10); // use 10 for the rest
// Or: use 'null' anywhere to re-apply the previous delay:
//$durations = array(250, null, null, 500);

2. Create the GIF:

$anim = new GifCreator\AnimGif();
$anim->create($frames, $durations);

// Or: using the default 100ms even delay:

// Or: loop 5 times, then stop:
//$anim->create($frames, $durations, 5); // default: infinite looping

3. Get/use the result:

You can now get the animated GIF binary:

$gif = $anim->get();

...and e.g. send it directly to the browser:

header("Content-type: image/gif");
echo $gif;

Or just save it to a file:



  • Transparency is based on the first frame. [!!NOT VERIFIED: "It will be saved only if you give multiple frames with the same transparent background"]
  • The dimensions of the generated GIF are based on the first frame, too. If you need to resize your images to get the same dimensions, you can use this class:


  • PHP 5.3 (for namespace support & whatnot; noone still shamelessly uses PHP < 5.3, right?!)
  • GD (imagecreatefromstring, imagegif, imagecolortransparent)