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Merge pull request #846 from Florin65/tz

timezone-data: version bumped to 2015b.
latest commit ef156fe7c7
@Ratler Ratler authored
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chat/irssi irssi: version bumped to 0.8.17.
compilers Merge pull request #745 from Ratler/gcc-4.9.2
crypto Merge pull request #845 from Florin65/ssh
devel patch: version bumped to 2.7.5.
doc-tools groff: version bumped to 1.22.3.
editors zile: version bump
fonts/terminus-font terminus-font: install into /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts
ftp wget: version bumped to 1.16.3.
libs libidn: use http too.
mail/heirloom-mailx heirloom-mail: Not PSAFE
net iproute2: version bumped to 3.19.0.
perl perl: version bumped to 5.20.2.
python/Python Python: version bumped to 2.7.9.
security cracklib: version bumped to 2.9.1.
shells bash, bash_static: trending today...Another security fix!
system systemd: version bumped to 219
utils Merge pull request #846 from Florin65/tz
wifi wps_supplicant: version bumped to 2.3.
xorg7/util/gccmakedep Moved from riff-raff.
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