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qt4: Adjusting the CONFIGURE. As it turns out some private headers do…

… not get installed

unless "-developer-build" is passed during the configure. These are needed by the calibre
bump done by florin (I will change that back in a few). These headers can also be used by
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1 parent 33cd360 commit 69608a0ff0814793fb58ec01faf4d474900ec788 stumbles committed Dec 30, 2012
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  1. +1 −0 qt4-apps/qt4/CONFIGURE
@@ -3,3 +3,4 @@ mquery XML_PATTERNS "Build xml patterns? ${PROBLEM_COLOR}(Needed by qtscriptgene
mquery MAKE_WEBKIT "Build the webkit plugin? ${PROBLEM_COLOR}(Needed by phonon / kdelibs4 / mythtv)${QUERY_COLOR}" y "-webkit" "-no-webkit"
mquery LICENSE_TYPE "Build Qt using open-source license? (n=commercial)" y
mquery MAKE_PHONON "Build qt4's (old) phonon? ${PROBLEM_COLOR}(Say n if you will build and use KDE)${QUERY_COLOR}" n "-phonon" "-no-phonon"
+mquery DEV_BUILD "Compile and link Qt with Qt developer options (including auto-tests exporting)? ${PROBLEM_COLOR}Can be used by Qt-Creator and future version of calibre${QUERY_COLOR" y "-developer-build" " "

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