Lunar is a superset programming language of Lua 5.1, inspired by TypeScript and Ruby.
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The Lua 5.1 superset programming language.

Goals: what we want

  • embeds most idioms into the language (default args, named varargs, classes, etc)
  • implements type checking and type inference
  • implements a language server for LSP features (intellisense, goto def, etc)
  • interoperate with Lua, both ways. Code written in Lunar should be as easy to use in Lua.

Getting Started

Lunar is written for Lua 5.1, therefore you need the Lua 5.1 runtime. On some installs of Lua, you might not have ./?.lua and ./?/init.lua in your LUA_PATH. Configure your system environment variables and append ;./?.lua;./?/init.lua into LUA_PATH.

Prerequisites for development

You will need luarocks (lua package manager), and busted (unit testing framework).

$ git clone
$ luarocks install busted
$ cd ./lunar # the root folder, not the lunar source code folder.

To run tests and verify everything's in working order, just run busted with the root directory of this repository as the current working directory.