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FXP.One is a whole new system to FTP and FXP. It is not just another FTP client. It is in fact a very flexible FTP/FXP engine.

This engine does all the hard work with dealing with FTP sites. Built into that is a very simple but powerful API protocol.

The idea is then, if someone wants to do an FTP, or FXP, client they can then make one without the FTP hassles.

Currently there already are multiple clients. They all talk to the FXP.One engine, and you can interchange the clients.

That is, use one client to create and queue up some items and start the queue process. At a later time, a different client, from a different machine/location can connect and check on the progress of that queue, change it, modify and add to it and so on.

The FXP.One engine features:

  • Full FTP and FXP capabilities.
  • SSL/TLS support, auto-sensing and forced.
  • SSL/TLS data support, auto-sensing and forced.
  • SSCN secure data FXP support.
  • CCSN secure data FXP support.
  • XDUPE aware for faster queue processing.
  • Auto resume, or overwrite options
  • Resume last (re-queue all resume items last for faster queue processing)
  • FXP direction control (if one site is firewalled)
  • PRET Pre-transfer support for ring-sites.
  • Skip lists for both files and directories
  • Pass lists for both files and directories (opposite to skip list)
  • Move-first for both files and directories
  • Automatic skip of empty files and directories.
  • Encodes all file and directory names as to handle any locale.

FXP.One aims to be as portable as possible. It currently runs on all flavours of Unix, OSX and Windows.

Clients that ship with FXP.One are;

  • WFXP A browser, WebSockets, FXP client. Works in most modern browsers, like Chrome and Firefox. (Notably, does not work in Safari-2012).

  • Clomps command-line (no GUI) client that connects to multiple servers, and displays all new directories and files since last run. Great for finding what is new, and where it is. (and where it isn't). Clomps can also automatically create queues to keep FTP servers synchronised. Ie, auto-trading.

  • Clomps-irc Auto-trader for IRC bots.

  • FXP.cOne Early ncurses FXP client.

There are also a number of external clients which use FXP.One, for example,

  • UFXP Ultimate-++ toolkid FXP client. The WFXP client seeks to replace this work.

FXP.One has very simple API for developers, you can very easily FTP and FXP using just telnet, if you so wanted. This means clients in perl, python and similar languages are really easy to implement.

Please more about the API in the documentation;


FXP / FTP automated library, with multiple clients and easy API.






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