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Sublime Text 2/3 - Rails Related Files

Note: I've never written any Python code before! So feel free to implement best practices and make a pull request.

This plugin allows you to easily navigate your Rails projects by making a few basic assumptions. I wrote this so I didnt have to constantly use the SideBar to lookup files!

Ok, so lets imagine you "right clicked" on the following file/s (Screenshot 2) or by using the "CMD+Shift+O" shortcut (Screenshot 1) it will search for files:

posts_controller.rb under app/controllers

If it was under the "admin" namespace e.g. app/controllers/admin/posts_controller.rb then it will look under views/admin/posts/** and vice versa.

views/posts/** - All files under this folder
models/post**  - Models starting with "post"

show.html.erb under app/views/posts

models/post**             - Models starting with "post"
views/posts/**            - All files in this folder
assets/javascript/post**  - Any javascript file starting with "post"
assets/stylesheets/post** - Any stylesheet file starting with "post"
controllers/post**        - Any controller file starting with "post"

post.rb model under app/models

models/post**         - Models starting with "post"
views/posts/**        - All files in this folder
views/**/posts/**     - All files in this folder (e.g. admin namespace)
controllers/post**    - Any controller starting with "post"
controllers/**/post** - Any controller starting with "post" (e.g. admin namespace)

If you want to disable the context menu, just edit the Rails.sublime-settings file changing "show_context_menu" to false.


Maybe we can extract the possible partials being used in the current file e.g. render "post" or even render @posts, we know where to look > app/views/posts/_post


Here I've pressed the shortcut key when looking at the "page.rb" file under models.

Quick Panel

Quick Panel

Context Menu

Context Menu