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This is the semi-official 'all-in-one' Logstash cookbook.

This cookbook is primarily a library cookbook.

While you can still use the agent and server recipes, they are not recommended as they are very limited in what they do.

If you are using logstash < 1.2 you might want to use the 0.6.x branch. If you are using logstash < 1.4 you might want to use the 0.7.x branch.


All of the requirements are explicitly defined in the recipes. Every effort has been made to utilize Community Cookbooks.

However if you wish to use an external ElasticSearch cluster, you will need to install that yourself and change the relevant attributes for discovery. The same applies to integration with Graphite.

This cookbook has been tested together with the following cookbooks, see the Berksfile for more details



see attributes/default.rb

Beaver (alternative to Logstash Agent)

no longer used. see Community Beaver cookbook


no longer supports installing from source.

Lightweight Resource Providers

These now do all the heavy lifting.


This will install a logstash instance. It will take defaults from attributes for most attributes.

see resources/instance.rb


This will create system init scripts for managing logstash instance. It will take defaults from attributes for most attributes.

see resources/service.rb

experimental support for pleaserun has been added. Only native for Ubuntu 12.04 has been thoroughly tested.


This will create logstash config files. It will take defaults from attributes for most attributes.

see resources/config.rb


This will install custom grok patterns for logstash. It will take defaults from attributes for most attributes:

see resources/pattern.rb


This will install the logstash community plugins:

see resources/plugins.rb


This will install the ElasticSearch Curator and setup a cron job. This replaces the deprecated index_cleaner:

see resources/curator.rb

attribute precidence in logstash LWRPs

We've done our best to make this intuitive and easy to use.

  1. the value directly in the resource block.
  2. the value from the hash node['logstash']['instance'][name]
  3. the value from the hash node['logstash']['instance_default']

You should be able to override settings in any of the above places. It is recommended for readability that you set non-default options in the LWRP resource block. But do whichever makes sense to you.


There is a search helper library libraries/search.rb which will help you search for values such as elasticsearch_ip. see the server recipe for an example of its usage.



depreciated in favor if test kitchen.

$ vagrant up precise64

Rubocop, FoodCritic, Rspec, Test-Kitchen

$ bundle exec rake

Test Kitchen

$ kitchen converge server_ubuntu


Any and all contributions are welcome. We do ask that you test your contributions with the testing framework before you send a PR. All contributions should be made against the master branch.

Please update tests and changelist with your contributions.

Documentation contributions will earn you lots of hugs and kisses.


A proper readme is forthcoming but in the interim....

These two recipes show how to install and configure logstash instances via the provided LWRPs

See the elkstack community cookbook for a great example of using the LWRPs provided by this cookbook.



  • Vagrant 1.2.1+
  • Vagrant Berkshelf Plugin vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf
  • Vagrant Omnibus Plugin vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus

Uses the Box Name to determine the run list ( based on whether its Debian or RHEL based ).

See chef_json and chef_run_list variables to change recipe behavior.


Run Logstash on Ubuntu Lucid : vagrant up lucid32 or vagrant up lucid64

Run Logstash on Centos 6 32bit : vagrant up centos6_32

Logstash will listen for syslog messages on tcp/5140

License and Author

  • Author: John E. Vincent
  • Author: Bryan W. Berry (
  • Author: Richard Clamp (@richardc)
  • Author: Juanje Ojeda (@juanje)
  • Author: @benattar
  • Author: Paul Czarkowski (@pczarkowski)
  • Copyright: 2012, John E. Vincent
  • Copyright: 2012, Bryan W. Berry
  • Copyright: 2012, Richard Clamp
  • Copyright: 2012, Juanje Ojeda
  • Copyright: 2012, @benattar
  • Copyright: 2014, Paul Czarkowski

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.