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A cookbook for a chef_handler that sends reports and exceptions to Logstash over a TCP input in native json_event format


The chef_handler cookbook.


This cookbook uses the following attributes to configure how it is installed.

  • node['chef_client']['handler']['logstash']['host'] - The logstash server host.
  • node['chef_client']['handler']['logstash']['port'] - The logstash server port.

Optional attribute

  • node['chef_client']['handler']['logstash']['tags'] - Any additional tags you want sent along with the event. This can save on filter usage down the pipeline
  • node['chef_client']['handler']['logstash']['timeout'] - How long to attempt to connect and send before timing out the request.


Set the host and port properties on the node/environment and include the logstash_handler recipe.

On your logstash side, you'll need to create a TCP input like so:

input {
  tcp {
    type => "chef_handler"
    format => "json_event"
    port => "5959"

You can inspect the source for details on what the generated event looks like.

PLEASE NOTE The changes neccessary to the json_event format in Logstash are only available in master.


Borrowed quite a bit from the graphite_handler cookbook here