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The following steps will deploy Noah to Cloud Foundry using fully autogenerated names. See the vmc documentation for how to customize those.

gem install vmc
gem install bundler
vmc target
vmc login

vmc create-service redis -n
# note the auto-generated name
bundle install
bundle package
vmc push sample-noah-deploy --no-start -n --runtime ruby19
vmc bind-service <auto-generated-servicename> sample-noah-deploy
vmc start sample-noah-deploy
vmc files sample-noah-deploy logs/stderr.log
vmc apps
# note your url
curl -X PUT -d '{"name":"noah-on-cloudfoundry"}' http://your-url/applications/noah-on-cloudfoundry
curl http://your-url/applications/noah-on-cloudfoundry
# {"id":"1","name":"noah-on-cloudfoundry","created_at":"2011-04-15 04:39:59 UTC","updated_at":"2011-04-15 04:39:59 UTC","configurations":[]}