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Demonstration of Padrino and Redis via Ohm with Admin Console

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Padrino and Redis Sample Application

This is a sample application showing how to use Padrino with Redis via Ohm


I'm going to assume you're using 'rvm'. If not, a pox on all your houses!

Anyway. Ensure you have redis 2.0.0-rc3 running locally. Do the following: rvm create gemset padrino-ohm-demo git clone git:// ohm-blog rvm gemset use padrino-ohm-demo gem install bundler --pre cd ohm-blog bundle install bundle exec padrino rake seed bundle exec padrino start

You should now be able to go to here.

Unlike the other demos I've provided, this one has full admin support. Simply use the admin interface. The Account model is a model specific to the Padrino admin interface. If you want to create a new model + admin page: bundle exec padrino g model foo:string bar:string baz:string bundle exec padrino g admin_page


Create a distinct controller/view for post display. This will demonstrate using the admin interface to create/manage posts while using another route to display the post contents.

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