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Classes of errors

  • Sync argument errors. These should "throw" and many do because that's how luaL_check* works.
  • Errors while async. These happened while trying to do an async action. They should either be handed to the callback or emitted as error.
  • Error while executing async callbacks. If an error handler has a bug, there isn't much we can do. Either "throw" or send as "error" event if possible.

Error handling

  • async errors are always handed to lua somewhere with the exception of "error" events that aren't listened for
  • uncaught "error" events and sync errors will crash the process and should always show a stack trace

Current places where async errors happen

I know errno and path, this is a fs error

luv_io_error(L, req->errorno, NULL, NULL, req->path);

I only know it was the last error (after shutdown, after_write, on_connection)

luv_io_error(L, uv_last_error(uv_default_loop()).code, NULL, NULL, NULL);
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