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@luxas luxas released this Mar 21, 2016 · 163 commits to master since this release

Major release with Kubernetes v1.2.0

A lot of new features are in the largest release of Kubernetes on ARM yet made. Highlights include officially built Kubernetes v1.2.0 ARM binaries, much better performance and cluster insight via the heapster addon.


  • Upgrade to Kubernetes v1.2.0 (Changelog), dashboard v1.0.0, etcd v2.2.5, registry v2.3.1
  • Using official binaries built from my Kubernetes PR: kubernetes/kubernetes#19769
  • Added cluster monitoring! Heapster v1.0.0, influxdb v0.10.3 and grafana v2.6.0
  • Changed to "native" kubelet mode. No more --containerized hack. Makes it possible to use Downward API
  • Switched to host-gw instead of udp as the default flannel backend for improved performance as @larmog suggested. Also made the option FLANNEL_BACKEND in k8s.conf
  • Compile flannel and registry statically. That reduces their total image size 147 MB
  • Deprecated and removed luxas/raspbian in favor for plain resin/rpi-raspbian:jessie
  • Added master.json to the hyperkube image so it's easy to spin up a one-node cluster as in official docs does.
  • Using @hypriot's prebuilt Go tarballs for luxas/go. Will switch to official go1.6 soon.
  • Added experimental RancherOS to sdcard/, but no Kubernetes rootfs is available yet
  • Added sdcard/write support for Raspberry Pi 3, but yet only with armhf OSes.
  • Made the storage driver easily changeable with the DOCKER_STORAGE_DRIVER in /etc/kubernetes/k8s.conf
  • Changed indentation to spaces instead of tabs for the most of the files. Also trying to end all files with a newline.
  • Replaced sleep based timeouts in kube-config for condition based loops, makes it faster and more reliable
  • Added a debugging option in kube-config by specifying K8S_DEBUG=1 before the command.
  • Fixed a HypriotOS/.deb-file issue where sudo modified the $PATH so kube-config couldn't find kubectl @DorianGray
  • More reliable SD Card creation by using partprobe @DorianGray
  • Lowered the nodeMonitorGracePeriod and the podEvictionTimeout as @saturnism suggested
  • Changed proxying mode to iptables for better performance.
  • Added a script for cross-compiling Kubernetes to ARM 64-bit on a amd64 host.
  • Other minor enhancements, improvements and bug fixes are included too.


Get the binaries:

curl -sSL | tar -xz -C /usr/bin

Load the images:

curl -sSL | gzip -dc | docker load

The images are also available on Docker Hub.

Install the latest .deb package:

dpkg -i kube-systemd.deb
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