Chatbot is an open source platform to create Facebook and Gtalk/Gmail chatbots
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Chatbot is an open source platform for high-school students. With this application they can create Facebook or Gtalk/Gmail chatbots. Developed by LVK ( in conjunction with FaMAF - UNC ( for Manuel Sadosky foundation (

Currently there two versions:

  • The "Public" or "Open" version for general usage
  • The "Dale Aceptar" version intended only for the Dale Aceptar contest:


To compile the bare application see:

  • src/chatbot/README

To compile and build a package with all the required runtime files see:

  • open_release/README

Project structure

|-- src                  # Sources
|   |-- chatbot          # Chatbot sources
|   |-- test-suite       # Chatbot test suite sources
|   |-- third-party      # Third-party sources
|   |-- pocs             # Proof of concepts sources
|-- doc                  # Doxygen and UML documentation
|-- open_release         # Scripts and runtime files to release an open version
|-- da_release           # Scripts and runtime files to release a custom version for "Dale Aceptar" contest


Linux Screenshots

!Open Version Linux Screenshot 1

!Open Version Linux Screenshot 2

Windows Screenshots

!Open Version Windows Screenshot 1

!Open Version Windows Screenshot 2