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Simple DVI transmitter for the Digilent Arty-Z7 FPGA board. Hardcoded output resolution, simple test pattern, no processor bus
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Arty Z7 Simple DVI Transmitter


Simple DVI transmitter for the Digilent Arty Z7 board.

  • No Zynq
  • Fixed display resolution 1080p (1920x1080 @ 60Hz)
  • Simple output pattern (alternating colors every ~2 sec)
  • No HDCP
  • No DDC

Code is part of a series of blog posts at ​

  1. Intro and DVI Primer
  2. Design Overview
  3. TODO

Simulate and Build

Tested with

  • Ubuntu 17.1
  • Xilinx Vivado 2016.4
  • Modelsim 10.5b Intel FPGA starter edition
  • ghdl 0.36 (compiled from source) + GTKWave 3.3.79

Didn't test on Windows (will do at some point) so no guarantees. ​ Before generating the bitstream first setup the board jumpers as in the following picture:


You will also need to:

  • Connect the board with a USB cable to your PC
  • Connect the HDMI OUT port of the board to the HDMI port of your monitor

In the top directory open a terminal and run make build. This will generate the bitstream in the build/bit directory.

Then, with the Arty connected to your PC run make program.

You should see 4 different colors alternating every ~2 seconds


Makefile options

make build

  • Builds the bitstream. The bitstream will be located in the build/bit folder. Generated reports are placed in build/reports

make program

  • Program the FPGA with the generated bitstream (you must first run make build to generate it). The Arty must be connected to the PC through the USB JTAG port.

make vsim

  • Simulates the design with Modelsim. Modelsim binaries must be in the PATH

make xsim

  • Simulates the design with Vivado xsim. Vivado binaries must be in the PATH

make ghld-gtkwave

  • Simulates the design with GHDL and loads it in the GTKWave viewer. Both GHDL and GTKWave binaries must be in the PATH

make clean

  • Cleans intermediate files generated by the tools. Doesn't clean the bit and reports folders

make lint

  • Disregard that option, it's just for personal use (linting code in Sublime text editor)
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