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@lwYeo lwYeo released this Feb 9, 2019 · 1 commit to 2.2-branch since this release

For HiveOS, refer to GuideForHiveOS.txt on how to get started.

For EthOS, refer to GuideForEthOS.txt on how to get started.
For other version of Linux (64 bit), follow these installation steps prior to launching.

For MS Windows 7 SP1/8/10 (64 bit), download and install MS .NET core 2.2 x64 runtime, and MS VC 2017 x64 redistributable, prior to launching.

Please refer to the readme here, and pool mining guide, solo mining guide, or master/slave mining guide.

GUI version (Windows 10 64 bit only) can be found at this link.

Note for solo mining:

  • The URL in web3api is for TESTING PURPOSE only, do change it to your geth node, or Infura account (about 5-10 rigs/instances per account or you may get rate-limited/temp-ban).
  • The only workaround is to use 1 master to many slave instances, so that only 1 instance communicates with Infura.
  • It is normal for miner to pause after submitted nonce with transaction ID, mining will resume upon the next new challenge receive.
  • Effective hashrate will be zero, until the first solution/share has been submitted.

Note for MS Windows 7 SP1:

  • Launching as Administrator is required, or the API will fail to start.


  • CUDA 10 for Windows, CUDA 9.2 for Linux (for HiveOS compatibility)


  • #13 Multiple AMD GPUs detection issue
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