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This package contains the code that implements the following paper, "Real-time Locally Injective Volumetric Deformation"

What does the code contain.

The app is built with a combination of MATLAB, C++ code and mex/CUDA code.
The C++ source code for the OpenGL UI with MS Visual Studio C++ project files is in the glvu folder.
The mex/CUDA source code for the GPU accelerated optimization is in the ProjHarmonicMap folder.
The mex/C++ for CPU accelerated optimization is in the utils folder.
Precompiled binary for UI and mex are provided with the package.


  • Windows 10
  • MATLAB(>=2019a)
  • A GLSL 3.3 compatible GPU
  • CUDA(Compute Capability>3.5)

To run the software:

1.Start MATLAB to the code folder vol_Deformation_main.m. This will automatically open the GUI and load the "animal" model

The User Interface:

4.For deformation, the P2P constraint can be edited by:

adding P2P constaints by left clicking on the model
moving the P2P target by dragging and dropping any P2P constraint
delete constraints by right clicking the P2P constraints

How to compile the binaries.

The following libraries are needed to compile the code
1.OpenGL GUI (glvu.exe)

2.GPU mex file (ProjHarmonicMap.mexw64)


Real-time Locally Injective Volumetric Deformation






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