The image viewer and screenshot tool for lxqt
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LXImage-Qt is the Qt port of LXImage, a simple and fast image viewer.

In addition it features a tool to take screenshots.

It is maintained by the LXQt project but can be used independently from this desktop environment.


Compiling source code

Runtime dependencies are qtx11extras and libfm-qt (LXImage-Qt used to depend on PCManFM-Qt but the relevant code belongs to what was outsourced in libfm-qt).
Additional build dependencies are CMake and optionally Git to pull latest VCS checkouts. The localization files were outsourced to repository lxqt-l10n so the corresponding dependencies are needed, too. Please refer to this repository's for further information.

Code configuration is handled by CMake. CMake variable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX has to be set to /usr on most operating systems.

To build run make, to install make install which accepts variable DESTDIR as usual.

Binary packages

Official binary packages are available in Arch Linux, Debian (as of Debian stretch), Fedora and openSUSE (Leap 42.1 and Tumbleweed).
Just use the distributions' package manager to search for string 'lximage'.