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update MacOS-X build docs with information from ticket LP#1244094

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@@ -222,7 +222,8 @@ Building lxml on MacOS-X
Apple regularly ships new system releases with horribly outdated
system libraries. This is specifically the case for libxml2 and
-libxslt, where the system provided versions are too old to build lxml.
+libxslt, where the system provided versions used to be too old
+to even build lxml for a long time.
While the Unix environment in MacOS-X makes it relatively easy to
install Unix/Linux style package management tools and new software, it
@@ -251,13 +252,14 @@ subdirectory ``libs`` in the lxml distribution, and call ````
with the desired target versions like this::
python build --static-deps \
- --libxml2-version=2.7.8 \
- --libxslt-version=1.1.27 \
+ --libxml2-version=2.9.1 \
+ --libxslt-version=1.1.28 \
sudo python install
-Instead of ``build``, you can use any target, like ``bdist_egg`` if
-you want to use setuptools to build an installable egg.
+Instead of ``build``, you can use any target, like ``bdist_egg``
+if you want to use setuptools to build an installable egg, or
+``bdist_wheel`` for a wheel package.
Note that this also works with pip_. Since you can't pass
command line options in this case, you have to use an environment
@@ -274,6 +276,17 @@ The ``STATICBUILD`` environment variable is handled equivalently to
the ``STATIC_DEPS`` variable, but is used by some other extension
packages, too.
+If you decide to do a non-static build, you may also have to install
+the command line tools in addition to the XCode build environment.
+They are available as a restricted download from here:
+Without them, the compiler may not find the necessary header files of
+the XML libraries, according to the second comment in this ticket:
Static linking on Windows

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