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A pragmatic, functional systems programming language.

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            == Flect: Functional Systems Programming Language ==

                -- Introduction --

Flect is a functional systems programming language. It pragmatically combines
features such as algebraic data types, pattern matching, first-class function
values, traits, generics, macros, and high type safety with (optional)
low-level control over memory, direct interfacing to C and C++, bare metal
compilation support, and so on.

Flect targets any operating system (or none), architecture, and ABI that the
C99 compiler it uses supports. It is compiled to C99 in order to benefit from
existing compiler technology and to avoid having a separately maintained code
generator for every supported target. This strategy makes the language highly
portable compared to other systems languages.

For further information, see:

      - Licensing and copyright information.
      - Supported compilers, architectures, operating systems, etc.
      - Instructions on building and installing Flect.
      - Names and contact information for Flect developers.
    * THANKS
      - Credits and appreciation where due.
      - Notes and guidelines for contributors.

You can reach the Flect community in several ways:

    * IRC channels
      - #lycus @
      - #flect @
    * Subreddits
      - /r/flect:
      - /r/flectdevel:
    * Mailing lists
      - lycus-announce:
      - lycus-discuss:
      - lycus-develop:
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