The Wiki 3.0 research project
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The Wiki3.0 project aims at developing a next generation collaboration
platform that integrates real-time editing and interactions,
social-networking features, and that will take advantage of cloud
infrastructures. The 3.0 generation, as it is envisioned by the partners
of the project, is characterized by the following elements: conceiving
and taking advantage of realtime functionalities on the Web, integrating
social-networking and advanced collaboration capabilities, enriching the
content using semantic annotations, and scaling-up the platform by adopting
and integrating a cloud infrastructure.

The final outcome of the Wiki 3.0 project is to deliver a solution that
will greatly ehnance the productivity in terms of knowledge exchange
and creation. This solution will consist of an enhanced version of
the XWiki platform that will include real-time collaboration and
social-network-oriented features.

XWiki SAS is participating and leading this research project together with
the SCORE Team of the "Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et
Automatique (INRIA)" ( and the well known Linux
distribution editor Mandriva (

The current website of the project is

NB: Please refer to INSTALL.txt file for installing, configuring and using the real-time editor !