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ECCV 2018 "T2Net: Synthetic-to-Realistic Translation for Depth Estimation Tasks"
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This repository implements the training and testing of T2Net for "T2Net: Synthetic-to-Realistic Translation for Depth Estimation Tasks" by Chuanxia Zheng, Tat-Jen Cham and Jianfei Cai at NTU. A video is available on YouTube. The repository offers the implementation of the paper in Pytoch.

  • Outdoor Translation

  • Indoor Translation

  • Extension (WS-GAN, unpaired Image-to-Image Translation, horse2zebra)

This repository can be used for training and testing of

  • Unpaired image-to-image Translation
  • Single depth Estimation

Getting Started


This code was tested with Pytoch 0.4.0, CUDA 8.0, Python 3.6 and Ubuntu 16.04

pip install visdom dominate
  • Clone this repo:
git clone
cd Synthetic2Realistic


The indoor Synthetic Dataset renders from SUNCG and indoor Realistic Dataset comes from NYUv2. The outdooe Synthetic Dataset is vKITTI and outdoor Realistic dataset is KITTI


Warning: The input sizes need to be muliples of 64. The feature GAN model needs to be change for different scale

  • Train a model with multi-domain datasets:
python --name Outdoor_nyu_wsupervised --model wsupervised
--img_source_file /dataset/Image2Depth31_KITTI/trainA_SYN.txt
--img_target_file /dataset/Image2Depth31_KITTI/trainA.txt
--lab_source_file /dataset/Image2Depth31_KITTI/trainB_SYN.txt
--lab_target_file /dataset/Image2Depth31_KITTI/trainB.txt
--shuffle --flip --rotation
  • To view training results and loss plots, run python -m visdom.server and copy the URL http://localhost:8097.
  • Training results will be saved under the checkpoints folder. The more training options can be found in options.


  • Test the model
python --name Outdoor_nyu_wsupervised --model test
--img_source_file /dataset/Image2Depth31_KITTI/testA_SYN80
--img_target_file /dataset/Image2Depth31_KITTI/testA


  • Depth Estimation, the code based on monodepth
python --split eigen --file_path ./datasplit/
--gt_path ''your path''/KITTI/raw_data_KITTI/
--predicted_depth_path ''your path''/result/KITTI/predicted_depth_vk

Trained Models

The pretrained model for indoor scene weakly wsupervised.

The pretrained model for outdoor scene weakly wsupervised

Note: Since our orginal model in the paper trained on single-GPU, this pretrained model is for multi-GPU version.


If you use this code for your research, please cite our papers.

  title={T2Net: Synthetic-to-Realistic Translation for Solving Single-Image Depth Estimation Tasks},
  author={Zheng, Chuanxia and Cham, Tat-Jen and Cai, Jianfei},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)},


Code is inspired by Pytorch-CycleGAN

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