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RPC (RPD Client)

RPC is a command line client to RPD which provides easy access to all essential commands of RPD.


   Usage: rpc [-a address] [-p port] [cmd] [argument]
          rpc help          - show this help infomation
          rpc info [format] - show current RPD information
                              if the format argument is given, the following specifier will be replaced accordingly
                              %a -- artist 
                              %t -- song title 
                              %b -- album 
                              %y -- release year 
                              %i -- cover image 
                              %d -- douban url 
                              %c -- channel 
                              %p -- currtime 
                              %l -- totaltime 
                              %u -- status 
                              %k -- kbps 
                              %r -- rate (0 or 1) 
                              %% -- a literal %
          rpc play          - start playback
          rpc pause         - pause playback
          rpc toggle        - toggle between play and pause
          rpc stop          - stop playback
          rpc skip/next     - skip current song
          rpc ban           - don't ever play current song again
          rpc rate          - mark current song as \"liked\"
          rpc unrate        - unmark current song
          rpc channels      - list all FM channels
          rpc webpage       - open the douban page using the browser defined in $BROWSER
          rpc setch <id>    - set channel through channel's id
          rpc kbps <kbps>   - set music quality to the specified kbps
          rpc launch        - tell RPD to restart
          rpc end           - tell RPD to quit
  • launch command will forcefully kill all rpd instances and restart a new one

  • info supports an optional format argument that can contain specifiers related to the current player information. An example usage:

      $ fmc info 'Status: %u; Artist: %a; Title: %t'
      Status: pause; Artist: 菅野よう子; Title: アイモ O.C.

    To support backslash sequences, add a dollar sign in front of the argument

      $ fmc info $'Status: %u\nArtist: %a\nTitle: %t'
      Status: pause
      Artist: 菅野よう子
      Title: アイモ O.C.