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Rails Engine that lets you become an OAuth Provider. Travis


Add this to your Gemfile :

gem 'oauned'
gem 'devise'

Then, you must execute the generators :

rails g devise:install
rails g devise user
rails g oauned:install

This will create three models in your application : Application, Authorization, Connection.
Devise will also create a fourth one : User.

You can't currently rename those models and hope for oauned to keep working. This is something we intend to do though.

A route is also created.

scope '/oauth' { oauned_routing }

What's important is the call to oauned_routing. Wherever you call this method in your routes, the oauth routes will be created.
They can be created several times but it's not really advised.
In the above case, they'll be created in the /oauth path.

You can now start your rails server, and start connecting to your application using OAuth.

Controller Helpers

There are several controller helpers intended to allow you to manage your oauth connections.

  • deny_auth - This is a class method. When called, the specified actions won't be accessible while using OAuth.
    deny_oauth, :only => :index
    The :only and :except options are available.

  • oauth_user - This represents the oauth_user. You almost never need to use it.

  • current_user - This method usually represents your user, whether he's connected "normally" or via OAuth.
  • oauth_allowed? - Has oauth been allowed or denied for the current action ?

Personnalize the view

When a user tries to connect via OAuth, he'll see a page asking for acceptation. You can personalize this page.
Create the file app/views/oauned/oauth/index.html.erb (or any rendering engine you wish to use other than erb) and put your content in it.
You can find the default view at app/views/oauned/oauth/index.html.erb.

Let the users create and manage applications

OAuned manages only user authentication. It's your task to allow your users to create new applications and provide them an interface to see what applications they've accepted.
To do that, you can manipulate the models directly.

  • Application - Represents any application created.
  • Connection - Represents a connection between a user and an application.

The Authorization model is used only to authorize the user when establishing the connection. You shouldn't use it.


We're open to any contribution. It has to be tested properly though.

  • Fork the project
  • Do your changes and commit them to your repository
  • Test your changes. We won't accept any untested contributions (except if they're not testable).
  • Create an issue with a link to your commits.



MIT License. Copyright 2010 LyonRB. http://lyonrb.fr