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LatticeMico32 is a soft processor originally developed by Lattice
Semiconductor [1]. It was released under an open IP core license.

This is a fork of the original sources distributed by Lattice. It includes
new features, bugfixes and support for other FPGA devices. All additional
features are BSD-licensed.

Please note that this is only the processor core, not a complete SoC.

Original Features

 * 32-bit RISC architecture
 * Six stage pipeline
 * Two Wishbone bus interfaces for instruction and data
 * 32 external interrupts
 * 32 general purpose registers
 * Instruction and data caches
 * Embedded instruction ROM and data RAM support

Added Features

 * MMU support
 * Non-privileged user-mode support
 * JTAG support for Xilinx Spartan-6 devices
 * Test bench (using Icarus Verilog [3])
 * Replaced device specific primitives with generic verilog modules
 * Unit tests shared with QEMU

Reference Manual

You can find the reference manual at [2].

Getting Started

This repository provides all you need to simulate programs with the system
test bench. Try it, by typing
  make sim_hello_world
in the test/ directory.

For an example of a larger project which uses this core, see MiSoC [4].