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Happy Hacking Christmas 🎅

If you can win SantaClausToken (SCT) from the SantaClaus contract, it means that you are a great hacker! For winning SCT, you have to call the requestToken() function in the SantaClaus contract after satisfying some conditions.

function requestToken() public {
  require(_christmasStocking.balanceOf(msg.sender) > 0);
  require(_christmasTree.powerOf(msg.sender) > 99999999);
  require(_token.balanceOf(msg.sender) == 0);

  // Congratulations!!, 1);

Deployed contracts (Ropsten testnet)

To SCT holders

If you're a SCT holder, you can register your name in the following contract!


How to use the sample script for the challengers

You have to

  • install yarn
  • replace the variables address and privkey in scripts/sample.js with your own values

in advance.

$ yarn install
$ node scripts/sample.js