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Drop-in EventMachine replacement for JRuby
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A plug-compatible EventMachine replacement, based on netty.


The JRuby port of EventMachine has been neglected for some time. Rather than trying to fix a string of long-standing bugs in an ageing codebase, it makes more sense to use a feature-complete, stable, battle-tested I/O library that's already been developed.

This project aims to be a performant and full-featured EM replacement for JRuby apps.

What works

  • TCP Server, aka EM.start_server
  • TCP Client, aka EM.connect
  • SSL (now on client + server)
  • EM.defer
  • One-shot timers
  • Zero-copy file transfer

Getting started

Get the gem:

jgem install foxbat

Require it:

require 'foxbat'
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