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M2Sharp — A CLR hosted Modula-2 to C# Translator

Welcome to the M2Sharp Modula-2 to C# Translator and Compiler Project


The objective of this project is to develop a CLR hosted Modula-2 to C# translator and via-C# compiler that generates CLR executable code.

In translator mode, M2Sharp translates Modula-2 source to C# source files. In compiler mode, M2Sharp compiles Modula-2 source via C# source files to object code or executables using the host system's C# compiler.


M2Sharp supports the bootstrap kernel (BSK) subset of Modula-2 R10 (M2R10).

An online version of the language specification is here:

The authoritative language specification (PDF) is available for download:

M2C does not support the earlier PIM or ISO dialects.


The grammar of M2C's command line interface is in the project repository

The grammar of Modula-2 R10 is in the project repository

For a graphical representation of the grammar, see section Syntax Diagrams.


M2Sharp will generate C# sources compileable with any C# compiler.

There are no dependencies on any third party libraries.

OS support

M2Sharp will compile and run on any target system with a CLR execution environment.

Development Languages

  • M2Sharp itself is written in C#.
  • The syntax diagram generator script is written in TCL/TK (not required to build M2Sharp)
  • Build configuration scripts are written in the prevalent shell language of the hosting platform

Project Wiki

For more details please visit the project wiki at the URL:


If you have questions or would like to contribute to the project, get in touch via