Docker-containered bot. Added to a group chat, she replies to any message containing price and currency pattern. Live!
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Money Bot for Telegram

Bot is handy in group chats. She looks for the currencies in chat context and converts $, €, ₽, CAD currencies to opposite ones (based on Open Exchange Rates). Opposite ones are set empirically.

For example:

  • someone sent to a chat bought a backpack for $119 free shipping
  • she replies 7691 ₽

Start chat with @USDRUB_bot in Telegram. Ask '$1', '5€' or even '100 RUB'.

Build Docker Image

In the folder:

$ echo "TOKEN = 'YOUR_TOKEN'" >> money_bot/token.rb       # Telegram Bot Token from @BotFather
$ echo "OXR_APP_ID = 'YOUR_OXR_ID'" >> money_bot/token.rb # App token from Open Exchange Rates

$ docker build -t m4rr/money_bot .                        # Build Docker image

Start Up the Container

$ docker run -d --restart=always m4rr/money_bot           # Run Docker container