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1.74 (2016-06-28):

Supported Platforms/Components:

Windows 7 SP1 (with RDP Client v8: KB2592687/KB2923545) or later
.NET Framework 4 or later
XULRunner is no longer required for Gecko support (see below)

General Changes:

Converted source from Visual Basic to C Sharp
Lots of code refactoring/clean up/general stability changes
MR-714: Removed Keyboard shortcut functionality

  • Introduced in 1.73 beta that was never officially released
  • This caused stability issues
  • May be re-added in a future release
  • Removal does NOT impact the ability to send keyboard shortcuts to RDP sessions (when redirect key combinations is set to "yes")

MR-559: Removed RDP Sessions panel functionality. This required a library for which no trusted origin/source could be located
Removed a bunch of old code/libraries and replaced them accordingly

Security Updates:

MR-775, MR-745: Updated PuTTY to 0.67


Updated to latest DockPanelSuite and enabled a slick new theme!
MR-145: Installer is now MSI based
MR-255: Updated RDP Client to version 8
MR-389: Updates to IE rendering engine

  • Support for latest version of IE (9-11)
  • Dropped support for IE 7 & IE 8

MR-850: Replaced XULRunner with GeckoFx

  • No need to manually configure to have the Gecko rendering engine available now
  • Install image is now significantly larger due to the inclusion of the Gecko Engine

MR-821: Initial Japanese translation included
Port Scan is now Asynchronous (and is significantly faster)


MR-884: Slow startup in some scenarios checking authenticode certificate
MR-872: Crash in External Tools when arguments aren't quoted
MR-854: crashes when right clicking on connection tab
MR-852: Option "Allow only a single instance of the application" non-functional
MR-836: Trying to delete a folder of connections only deletes 2 connections at a time
MR-824, MR-706: Suppress Script Errors when using the IE rendering engine
MR-822: Improve RDP error code messages
MR-640: Fixed Inheritance not working
MR-639: RDP: Connect to console session
MR-610, MR-582, MR-451: RDP: Protocol Error 3334 or exceptions with large number of connections open

  • This problem appears largely resolved by most reports and testing
  • Further workarounds/problem avoidance: Disable Bitmap Caching on all RDP session configuration
    MR-429: Display issue on the Options -> Advanced panel
    MR-385: Inheritance settings lost when moving item to the root of the tree