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@mremoteng-ci mremoteng-ci released this 02 Sep 17:22
· 837 commits to develop since this release


  • #1512: Added option to close panel from right click menu
  • #1434: Revised sort button in connection tree to be able to sort in both orders
  • #1400: Added file download handling to HTTP(S) connections using Gecko
  • #1385: Added option to start mRemoteNG minimized
  • #826: Allow selecting RDP version to use when connecting


  • #1544: Improved Polish translations
  • #1518: Inheritance is no longer automatically enabled when importing nodes from Active Directory
  • #1468: Improved mRemoteNG startup time
  • #1443: Chinese (simplified) translation improvements
  • #1437: Norwegian translation improvements
  • #1378: Hyperlinks embedded within mRemoteNG now open in the system default browser
  • #1239: Increased default key derivation function (KDF) iterations from 1000 to 10000
  • #718: Moved port property from 'protocol' to 'connection' section
  • Moved most RDP enums outside of the RDP protocol class. Scripts which reference these enums will need to be updated.
  • Removed the "Automatically get session info" from the advanced options screen since it is no longer used.


  • #1505: About screen now better follows theme colors
  • #1493: Updated database setup scripts for MSSQL and MySQL
  • #1470: The "Favorite" setting is now properly saved in the local connection settings file (not saved in database)
  • #1447: Exception occurs when resetting layout
  • #1439: Searching in hosts tree loses first keystroke
  • #1428: Fixed a rare error when checking for FIPS
  • #1426: Tabbing is reversed in config window
  • #1425: Connections didn't always respect the panel property
  • #841: Allow for sorting in port scan results
  • #617: Added missing description for password protect field in root node
  • #553: Browser language not set when using Gecko rendering engine
  • #323: Wallpaper always shows in RDP connections, even when turned off