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phantomas exposes its API (via CommonJS module) for easy integration with your nodejs code. You can easily perform phantomas runs and gather metrics and asserts results.


npm install phantomas --save

This will install phantomas from npm repository and add a dependency to your project package.json file.


#!/usr/bin/env node
var phantomas = require('phantomas');

console.log(phantomas); // { [Function: phantomas] path: '...', version: '1.0.0' }

phantomas('', {"analyze-css": true}, function(err, json, results) {
                'phantomas results',
                err, // null or exit code from phantomas process
                json, // parsed JSON with raw results
                results // results object with metrics values, offenders, asserts data

Now, run the code:

node example.js

Run in debug mode:

DEBUG=phantomas* node example.js


Take a look at the example script

var phantomas = require('phantomas'),

console.log(phantomas.version); // 1.0.0
console.log(phantomas.metadata.metrics); // metrics metadata - issue #224

task = phantomas(url, options, function(err, json, results) {
  // err: exit code
  // json: parsed JSON with raw results
  // results: results object with metrics values, offenders, asserts data

console.log(; // process ID

// Streams handling

// Events handling
task.on('progress', function(progress) {
  // reports page loading progress

task.on('milestone', function(milestone) {
  // reports page loading milestone - first byte received, onDOMReady, window.onload

task.on('log', function(msg) {
  // emitted on every log message sent by phantomas

task.on('results', function(results) {
  // results object with metrics values, offenders, asserts data

task.on('error', function(exitCode) {
  // reports phantomas exit code (if not zero)


  • CommonJS module does not handle different reporters as phantomas command line tool does. Metrics are only available as "raw" object or wrapped in results object.
  • CommonJS module does not support multiple runs (--runs switch from CLI tool). You need to create a loop in your code and call phantomas function multiple times.