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GreenDroid To Do List

**Note: The following lines are only ideas I had/have for the GreenDroid library. Writting everything here is a easy way for me not to forgot any idea and also a great opportunity for courageous people to help me improving GreenDroid. As a result, the following features may or may not be implemented in the future. GreenDroid users should not rely on their possible implementation.

  • Modify AsyncImageView and ImageLoader so that they both handle mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi images

    • A great way to do it would be to look at the file extension. Let's say we have downloaded a file named image1.hdpi.jpg : we can consider it's an image for hdpi screens
  • Develop a powerful on-disk cache mecanism.

    • This cache MUST be powerful, reliable and it has to work with as few memory as possible.
  • Develop a QuickActionInflater that inflates QuickActions from an XML file

    • This is very similar to the MenuInflater
  • Make QuickActions "id-enabled" like ActionBarItems.

    • Will help handling QuickActionItems click.