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# This class serializes objects into a JSON string,
# and then can de-serialize JSON strings into instances.
# Serialized objects are in the following format:
# {id: 'path/to/module.Exports', value: objectValue}
# You should override the object's value:
# toValue: -> @properties
# The objects value will be passed to it's constructor
# function upon instantiation.
fromObject = (object) ->
return object unless object?
# If type is native, return
unless typeof object is 'object'
return object
# If type is array, call recursively
if Array.isArray(object)
return (fromObject(o) for o in object)
# If type is object, and we're not dealing
# with a instance, resolve recursively
for k, v of object
object[k] = fromObject(v)
return object
# Otherwise, we're dealing with an instance.
# Find the instance by ID, and then instantiate
# it, passing object.value
[path, name] ='.', 2)
constructor = require(path)
constructor = constructor[name] if name
# Constructor supports a custom fromValue function
if result = constructor.fromValue?(object)
return result
# Recursively find objects
args = fromObject(object.value)
if Array.isArray(args)
# Constructor functions can't
# use apply() or call(), so we have
# to manually pass arguments.
new constructor(
args[0], args[1], args[2],
args[3], args[4], args[5]
new constructor(args)
fromJSON = (object) ->
if typeof object is 'string'
object = JSON.parse(object)
Serialize =
# ID Needs to be overridden in each
# class Serialize is included in
id: ->
toJSON: ->
result =
id: @id?() or @id
value: @toValue?() or @toValue
clone: ->
module.exports.Serialize = Serialize
module.exports.fromJSON = fromJSON