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Releases: machawk1/wail

WAIL v0.2019.05.21

21 May 19:07
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  • Bundle latest OpenWayback version 2.4.0 (#419)
  • Fix elements of WAIL's Heritrix UI from being smooshed together (#395)
  • Replace old WAIL logo in OpenWayback replay (#353)
  • Refactor Heritrix UI to be more vertically consistent (#420)
  • Fix Linux issue where jobs listbox in Heritrix panel would not span whole column if empty (#400)
  • Fix crash when right-clicking on whitespace in Heritrix jobs listbox (#430)
  • Add option to rebuild and launch Heritrix crawls from WAIL UI (#392)
  • Tweak Windows build (upcoming release) to have more consistent access to OpenWayback and Heritrix web UIs (#435)
  • Fix issue of being unable to start Heritrix in upcoming Windows release (#398)

WAIL v0.2019.04.04

04 Apr 15:06
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  • Fix issue preventing initial querying of memento count on startup (#416)
  • Fix memento count numerical delimiter on Linux (#410)
  • Fix row alignment for Advanced>Services on Windows and Linux (#396)
  • Bundle Java on macOS instead of going through awkward download-and-install procedure (#397, #359, #55)
  • Fix locale issue on Linux (#401)
  • Add a Dockerfile for Linux testing (#340, #405)
  • Fix Java download causing crash (#367)
  • Fix issue with UI elements painting over each other in Windows (#337)
  • Overhaul UI to use wxPython sizers be more consistent UI across platforms (#307, #337, #305)
  • Fix issue of Wayback status querying since move to Py3 basis (#390)
  • Fix misspelling of tab title (#388)
  • Populate Edit menu across platforms (#373)
  • Adjust trigger for MemGator querying on Windows (#375)
  • Tweak sizes on promo page to be more mobile friendly (#357)
  • Adjust cross-platform Quit menu item implementation to be less...awkward (#374)
  • Fix issue of version of app as displayed in Windows (#372)
  • Adjust promo page comma display to be more representative of current state (#360)
  • Fix issue that prevented crawl information from being displayed for crawls that are never built (#363)
  • Prevent placeholder crawl status from being displayed in Advanced>Heritrix (#362)
  • Fix placeholder issue with memento count (#308)
  • Fix issue preventing memento count from being visible on Windows (#290)
  • Tweak dock icon to be more visible on macOS (#336)
  • Fix conflict between Mac and Windows menu configuration (#333)

WAIL v0.2019.02.09

09 Feb 22:30
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  • Updated to include latest OpenWayback (2.3.2) (#266)
  • Added a plethora of menu options (#276)
  • Display number of archives used for Memento count in interface (#282)
  • Fix an issue of memento count displaying when none are available for a URI (#285)
  • Update the WAIL icon (#293)
  • Fix an issue with memento plurality (#295)
  • Add place value delimited to memento count (#308)
  • Update UI to me high resolution on macOS retina screens (#312)
  • Fix an issue with the depth fields in the Advanced Crawl interface overstaying its visibility when context is lost (#314)
  • Prevent stacking of redundant duplicate UI elements (#328)
  • Fix Quit menu item capitalization (#330)
  • Tweak dock icon to be more visible (#333)

WAIL v0.2017.07.26

27 Jul 02:43
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  • UI Tweaks
  • Update to MemGator 1.0-RC7

WAIL v0.2016.07.09

10 Jul 02:52
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  • Update to MemGator-RC5

WAIL v0.2016.03.16

16 Mar 15:13
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  • Update to OpenWayback 2.3.0

WAIL v0.2016.01.12

12 Jan 16:52
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  • Automated build process.
  • Fixed UI issues.

WAIL v0.2015.11.09

09 Nov 19:27
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  • Newest OpenWayback (2.2.0) and Heritrix (3.2.0)
  • Integration with the pre-release of @ibnesayeed's MemGator Memento Aggregator
  • UI Tweaks
  • Overhaul of indexing system for CDX from previously used BDB (with automatic indexing)

WAIL v0.2015.10.21

21 Oct 20:00
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WAIL v0.2015.10.21 Pre-release
Re-fix calendar view wayback logo from improperly added alias.