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Time tracking and report generation
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  • django-profiles
  • mysqldb (if you use DotProject as source)
  • south
  • dateutil
  • relatorio
  • python-yaml
  • python-pycha

All of these are in the pip-requires file, you can install them by running:

pip install -r pip-requires.txt

Install Procedure

Beware, this does not work with SQlite engine, since drop columns is not suuuported and therefore south fails.

Configure DB

Configure (or you can setup

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.', # Add 'postgresql_psycopg2', 'postgresql', 'mysql', 'sqlite3' or 'oracle'.
        'NAME': '',                      # Or path to database file if using sqlite3.
        'USER': '',                      # Not used with sqlite3.
        'PASSWORD': '',                  # Not used with sqlite3.
        'HOST': '',                      # Set to empty string for localhost. Not used with sqlite3.
        'PORT': '',                      # Set to empty string for default. Not used with sqlite3.


If you use a DotProject source, add the credentials to mysql in

DOTPROJECT_DB_HOST = 'localhost'
  • comment in the AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE = 'eff.userprofile' line
  • python syncdb
  • python migrate
  • then uncomment the line AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE...

Other configurations

Sending email when a client user changes

When change a client user, the system send mail notifications.

Add this variables in to configure from/to:

# When change a client user, send mail from

# When change a client user, send mail to. This is a tuple of all recipients

Customize the template of the user mail exchange

If you want change the email template of client change, you need to edit the following files:

  • eff_site/templates/client_changed_subject.txt
  • eff_site/templates/client_changed_message.txt

Load defaults Handles

When you run syncdb (or migrate if you have installed south) the following default Handles are loaded:

  • email
  • twitter
  • skype
  • phone number
  • mobile
  • linkedin

Weekly reports to users

Eff can send reports by emails weekly to users not clients if they are checked this option in his settings. Your server need to call script in the weekday you want to send emails.

For this to work add this variable in to configure the sender:


You also have to configure this script: eff_site/scripts/

The emails are sent the day of the week defined by the variable SEND_DAY (default is set to 0 (Monday)), if your server calls the script on a day other than the set, are not going to send the mails:

# Set the day of a week to send emails

To customize the email template you need to edit the following files:

  • eff_site/templates/previous_week_report_message.txt
  • eff_site/templates/previous_week_report_subject.txt

Other email configurations

Config this variables in for Eff to be able to send emails regarding different topics, like change/reset password.

EMAIL_HOST = 'smtphost' EMAIL_PORT = # smtp port number


  • See scripts/
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