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Ember.js implementation of Jeopardy, prepared for the NYC Ember meetup
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Ember Jeopardy

Prepared for the Ember.js NYC Meetup

This is a CSS3-dependent very simple implementation of the grid-based trivia show, written in Ember.js RC1. The templates are written in Emblem.js.

There's no reliance on databases or anything like that; I just chose Ember Rails because I'm comfortable with it and wanted more examples of Ember Rails setups for people to peruse.

The questions are populated by config/questions.yml.

Live Demo

Check out the live demo.

Works on

Chrome and Safari. Firefox seems to display well enough but the click handlers don't seem to be working, possibly due to this bug.

Also, apparently Chrome might not render some of the tiles on some machines; not sure how to fix this, so if you have any ideas, please send them my way. A PR would be great too.

New IE might work but haven't tried it yet.

I also gave Rails 4 a try with this, which was mostly fine, but the live demo loads a little slowly because the manifest.yml generated when assets are precompiled is apparently some new format that Heroku can't make sense of yet, so the production server is compiling/serving all the assets on the fly. Lame.


git clone
cd ember-jeopardy
rails s


Alex Matchneer, 2013.


MIT, do as thou wilt.

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