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Emblem.JS Website

This is the website docs that power http://emblemjs.com. For the emblem.js src code go to github.com/machty/emblem.js.

Forks and contributions to the docs greatly appreciated!


To manage the docs website, we use middleman, a fantastic little rubygem that compiles static sites.

To use it, just clone this repo, and make sure you have bundler installed (gem install bundler).

run bundle install to get all the dependencies.

then run bundle exec middleman server to start the server locally

On OSX, you can also try bundle exec terminitor start to start both the server and the guard at the same time (to do livereload updates as you change stuff).

Site Structure

We currently have most of our docs in yml (for easy code highlighting support). The docs keys are formatted with markdown, emblem keys syntax highlighted with slim textmate bundle (using the ultraviolet gem), and the html is highlighted with the handlebars textmate bundle.

To tweak the syntax highlighting, just update it in syntax

Intro docs

To edit the intro example on the right side of the landing page, edit data/intro.yml.

Syntax docs

To update the syntax docs, edit data/syntax.yml

Installation docs

To update the installation docs, edit data/installation.yml