A tool for transforming Lego Digital Designer models into their mirror reflection
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A tool for transforming Lego Digital Designer models into their mirror reflection.



If you have SBT installed, simply type the command: sbt run

Alternatively, download the LDDReflector.jar file.

To load the LDD model, you need the file in LXFML format. The easiest way to save it is using Export option in LDD (Ctrl+E).

The program will create two files:

  1. xxx_reflected.lxfml contains the reflected model
  2. xxx_remaining.lxfml keeps all the bricks which could not be reflected.

To convert it back to .lxf format, create a new .lxf file and use Import (Ctrl+I).

Supported bricks

At the moment, about 450 types of bricks are supported - for my models, this gives over 90% coverage. Much more are possible to reflect, but so far not included to the application.

Adding new parts' dimensions is quite time-consuming, so at this stage I concentrated only on the more common ones. If you need a particular part support, I can add it for you, so feel free to contact me.

The list of supported bricks is always updated on startup, so there's no need to download it again manually.


Should you encounter any error during using the application, please let me know as soon as possible (see Contact section below). It'd be best if you attached the LXF/LXFML file that caused the problem.

In particular, some bricks might be correctly rotated, but anchored in a wrong place - this'd probably mean I had made a mistake in introducing parts dimensions. The sooner I correct it, the better!


The licence is Brickware. It's the same as Beerware, but with bricks instead of beer. So if you ever meet me next to a PaB wall, you know what to do. ;)


toltomeja [at] gmail.com

Github: https://github.com/mackoo13/

Flickr, Eurobricks and other AFOL networks: Toltomeja (https://www.flickr.com/photos/toltomeja/)