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Updated changelog with a documentation of all the differences between…

… 1.2.1

and HEAD. (well, I hope so).

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# $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.27 2006/04/10 17:17:42 jberry Exp $
# $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.28 2006/07/25 05:04:07 pguyot Exp $
# This is a log of major user-visible changes in each release

Release 1.3 (unreleased):

- Fixed a bug where only the first word of configuration settings (in
ports.conf) was processed. This bug affected the use of extra_env.
(Bugzilla #9948) (pguyot)

- Fixed a bug where environment variables governing proxy were not
capitalized properly. (blb & jberry)

- Fixed a bug where port outdated and port ugprade didn't work in direct
mode. (Bugzilla 7719, 7721) (dluke & jberry)

- Fixed several problems with iteration on ports. (jberry)

- Fixed a bug where curl LDFLAGS weren't properly propagated. (landonf)

- Fixed a bug where location update routine invoked when installing DP did
not take the DESTDIR variable into account. (jmpp)

- Fixed a bug where patchfiles specifications could not have suffixes to
indicate the master site. (pguyot)

- Fixed spelling in port(1) man page. (Bugzilla 8103) (pjenvey & jberry)

- Fixed a typo and another problem in messages generated by port command.
(Bugzilla 6706 & 6712) (deric & jmpp)

- Fixed a typo in ports.conf. (matt & jmpp)

- Fixed several problems with launchd support (Bugzilla 8372 & 10041)

- Fixed a bug preventing the use of libmd for checksums and added an
informative compilation error if libcrypto and libmd cannot be found.

- Fixed a bug where thread2.6 Tcl library wasn't installed where DP is
installed. (jmpp)

- Fixed a bugs in xcode PortGroup which prevented the use of a custom
project path. (pguyot)

- Fixed a bugs in xcode PortGroup which made destroot to fail when there
were spaces in the install path. (pguyot)

- Added more information to porthier(7) about ${prefix}/var/db/dports.

- Updated Gnome, KDE and SourceForge mirror lists. (Bugzilla 8045, 9152)
(rwhood, blb, olegb & pguyot)

- Check earlier if there is no Portfile in a directory (especially when
iterating). (jberry)

- Split livecheck into distcheck and livecheck. Added regex checking options
and set the default to check against freshmeat. (pguyot)

- Discover path to rsync at autoconf time. (jberry)

- Mark CVS, TAR, GNUTAR, and RSYNC as additional precious variables that can
be overridden in configure environment at time of configure to customize
the location of these tools. Note that these tools are not found in the dp
prefix, as PATH is sanitized of references to prefix. But you could
override the precious variables to acheive that if you really want to
shoot yourself. (jberry)

- Set timeouts for curl transfers. Some connections to sketchy mirror sites
can hang forever otherwise. (jkh)

- Shortened the time to upgrade with archive mode on by using archive as the
target. (Bugzilla #7891) (dluke & jberry)

- Added support for sqlite 3. (jberry)

- Major update of the trace (-t) option (pguyot):
* backported changes from darwinbuild's version of darwintrace, including
several bug fixes.
* cleaned up the code.
* writing/creating and also unlinking a file outside allowed bounds are
now blocked instead of being simply reported (previous version only
reported creations).
* fixed a bug where -t failed with X11 ports because ${prefix} got

- Added new native commands to handle privileges chores. (jberry)

- The interactive mode now uses readline. (jberry)

- Initial version of portmirror binary to build a mirror of distfiles.

- Improvements and fixes to the tests. (pguyot)

- Added a new option (checksum.skip=yes) to bypass the checksum phase. This
option is mostly useful on the command line to test older distfiles.

- Added dependencies for rpm on virtual packages representing releases of
MacOS X. (mww)

Release 1.2.1 (10-Apr-2006):

- Changes to darwinports build infrastructure to allow for build of

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