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MacPorts 2.4.1

@jmroot jmroot released this
· 898 commits to master since this release
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Changes since 2.4.0:

  • Avoid an infinite loop when livecheck.regex is empty.
    (raimue in d33a8a0)
  • Fixed detection of /opt/local/bin already in the user's PATH in the
    installer postflight script. (barry-scott in dcb0788, b757252)
  • Fixed the display of default variants by 'port variants' when the
    defaults are affected by variants present in variants.conf.
    (jmr in 9e63a61)
  • Fixed 'port reclaim' deleting a file installed by the MacPorts installer
    for technical reasons.
    (#53436, cal in b0c0957)
  • Display warning if reinplace doesn't change anything.
    (#15514, khindenburg in 8460505)
  • Fixed 'port select' failure when the currently selected version no
    longer exists. (#31702, raimue in 9389e83)
  • Fixed 'port lint' complaining that very large epoch values are
    non-numeric. (#53489, ionic in eb0a577, 0846afb)
  • Fixed fallback to building from source when MacPorts is configured to
    get packages from an FTP server. (#53530, jmr in 6718cc6)
  • Fixed failure to extract portdir archives. (#53532, jmr in 8c2da16)
  • Fixed 'port diagnose' incorrectly offering to fix the PATH in some
    shells by skipping the check with shells it doesn't know about.
    (#53473, jmr in 17c70c9)
  • Reduced the default verbosity of 'port diagnose'. (jmr in 741a77b)
  • Fixed 'port diagnose' incorrectly reporting some symlinks as missing.
    (#53490, jmr in 103d6f6)
  • Fixed 'port lint' complaining that GitHub handles should be obfuscated.
    (jmr in 2cadd1b)