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PortSystem 1.0
name 54321
version 1.0.2001.11.16
revision 3
categories games
platforms macosx
license none
maintainers nomaintainer
description 5 games in 4, 3, or 2 dimensions for 1 player
long_description 54321 is five games in four, three, or two \
dimensions for one player. 54321 takes five classic \
two-dimensional puzzle games and extends them into \
three and four dimensions. For more information, \
see the help within the game.
master_sites ${homepage}${version}/
dist_subdir ${name}/${version}
distname ${name}
extract.suffix .tgz
depends_build port:libiconv \
depends_lib port:libsdl \
port:libsdl_image \
checksums md5 20b2ad52ef45742c1a65911b225b6ddc \
sha1 9841276d6e1f00de4de22cc11d19e1f08a9a01cb \
rmd160 63381c6f9cbc2d785ebf76dddc54b178cd704078
patchfiles patch-archs-Darwin-variables.GNU.diff
use_configure no
variant universal {}
build.type gnu
build.args CC="${} [get_canonical_archflags]" \
CXX="${configure.cxx} [get_canonical_archflags]"
destroot {
xinstall -d ${destroot}${applications_dir}
copy ${worksrcpath}/Release/bin/Darwin/${name}.app ${destroot}${applications_dir}
livecheck.type none