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Markus W. Weißmann
Markus W. Weißmann committed Jan 6, 2004
1 parent fd0f684 commit 1cfc33eb0b4da8b00853f3b7942e0aac48603cf7
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# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2004/01/06 21:00:12 mww Exp $

PortSystem 1.0

name freedroidclassic
version 1.0.2
categories games
platforms darwin
description Freedoid Classic is a Paradroid clone.
long_description Freedroid is a clone of the classic game Paradroid on \
Commodore 64 with some improvements and extensions to \
the classic version. In this game, you control a \
robot, depicted by a small white ball with a few \
numbers within an interstellar spaceship consisting of \
several decks connected by elevators. The aim of the \
game is to destroy all enemy robots, depicted by small \
black balls with a few numbers, by either shooting \
them or seizing control over them by creating \
connections in a short subgame of electric circuits.

master_sites sourceforge:freedroid
distname freedroid-${version}
checksums md5 585a65f61c2cd308ab45d5c514f695dc

depends_lib bin:sdl-config:libsdl \
lib:libSDL_image:libsdl_image \

configure.args --mandir=${prefix}/share/man
configure.env CFLAGS=-I${prefix}/include \

post-destroot {
set dir ${destroot}${prefix}/share/freedroid
file delete -force ${dir}/mac-osx \
${dir}/graphics/classic_theme/Makefile \
${dir}/graphics/classic_theme/ \
${dir}/graphics/classic_theme/ \
${dir}/graphics/lanzz_theme/Makefile \
${dir}/graphics/lanzz_theme/ \
${dir}/graphics/lanzz_theme/ \
${dir}/graphics/Makefile ${dir}/graphics/ \
${dir}/graphics/ ${dir}/map/Makefile \
${dir}/map/ ${dir}/map/ \
${dir}/sound/Makefile ${dir}/sound/ \

variant darwin {
pre-destroot {
file mkdir ${destroot}/Applications/DarwinPorts/Freedroid\
system "ln -s ${prefix}/bin/freedroid ${destroot}/Applications/DarwinPorts/Freedroid\\\\ Classic"

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